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Sacred Tree Markets, Nelson Bay is run seasonally throughout the year.  Please check calendar for dates and running times.

You can find us on Nelson Bay Foreshore & D’ALBORA MARINAS, Teramby Road Nelson Bay, Port Stephens NSW.

Focused on a vision for an ethical future & inspired by grass roots movements towards sustainable production, Sacred Tree Markets is a highly curated retail event featuring more than 80 up and coming designers, artists, creatives and producers.

Established in Branxton, Hunter Valley in 2012. Sacred Tree Markets made the move to D’ALBORA MARINAS & the Nelson Bay Foreshore on invitation from the Port Stephens community in 2015. It has since become a highlight event within the area & a must do for visitors to Port Stephens.

Featuring an ever evolving line up of live musicians, street food, cultural displays & entertainment within a retail festival environment, Sacred Tree Markets can now be found within D’ALBORA MARINAS & Nelson Bay Foreshore as well as various Hunter Valley pop up locations seasonally throughout the year.

•H O W • O F T E N • A R E • T H E • M A R K E T S • R U N ? •

Sacred Tree Markets are run seasonally throughout the year to meet consumer demand. Please check the website for upcoming running dates and times.

• W E A T H E R • C A N C E L L A T I O N S •

Please check our Facebook Page for updates around adverse weather conditions.

• E N V I R O N M E N T A L • S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y •

In 2015 Sacred Tree Markets made the decision to focus on becoming an environmentally sustainable event. All stallholders were asked to provide environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. Plastic carry bags & styrofoam were deleted from our events and recycling facilities were introduced.

Sacred Tree Markets ask that whilst visiting our events patrons please utilise these facilities. Together we can co-create a sustainable future.

• O F F I C E • H O U R S •

Monday 9:30am – 2:30pm

Tuesday 9:30am – 2:30pm

Wednesday 9.30am – 2.30pm

Thursday 9.30am – 2.30pm

• M E E T • T H E • T E A M •

Ganga Ma

G A N G A • M A 


Energetic Healer, Soy Drinker, Student, Dedicated Facebook Fan and Mother of Two.

Ganga Ma (Jess Rowarth) has a passion for conscious consumerism and the movement back to ‘slow processes’. She believes that cultural, environmental and financial sustainability is dependent on slowing down the processes in production and moving away from models of ‘fast-fashion’.

“I am really inspired by conscious consumerism & grass roots movements towards local design and production. I love seeing local businesses doing well. It is a real driver for me to keep pushing forward.” Ganga Ma said.

Ganga Ma created Sacred Tree Markets with her then sister-in-law, Penny Nowland back in 2012 on the inspiration to create a community space for the Branxton, Hunter Valley area.

In 2014 she took over sole ownership of Sacred Tree Markets.

Ganga Ma is a qualified Ignite Your Spirit therapist and Crystal Dreaming practitioner and is available for consultations and healing by appointment. Please contact us for more information.

J E S S • G A V I N

Event Management 

F A I T H • V A R T Y 

Behind The Scenes Creative Direction & Customer Service

Florist, art bunny, social media extraordinaire and all round creative genius.

Faith has a Bachelor in Creative Arts/Visual Arts from University of Wollongong. After moving from Jervis Bay, Faith joined the Sacred Tree Markets team in 2016.

Faith is also available for custom art work & marquee signage. Contact us for more info.

M E L • C O L E M A N 

Marina & Traffic Management Event Days

B R A N D O N • C O L E M A N 

On Site Event Set Up

In an ancient time, the Creator bore a Sacred Tree.

Its roots delved deep into Mother Earth and its branches were held fast in the embrace of Father Sky.

The trees breath held the wisdom of all creation and the rings within its trunk held many lifetimes of abundance.

The Creators wish is that this place would be a meeting ground for the townspeople.
That all stories would be welcome here and through the gathering of the people the community would find the strength, humility, healing and peace.

The townspeople heard the whispers and began to meet beneath the branches of the Sacred Tree.
In this place of miracles their inspiration poured forth, their produce flourished and their wars were traded with a new sense of purpose.

The townspeople grew prosperous, they met with new found joy and their souls were nourished by the inspiration in the whispers of the Sacred Tree.

A new market now grows beneath its branches……